Thursday, March 22, 2007

This made me jump out of my seat!

I received this mail with the senders name -"codesite-noreply"-confusing name no?!
Will this was the mail responsible for making me jump out of my chair!!!!!!

well here's what it read-"
Dear Ashish Lijhara,
The Application "NYou Tube-this what i propose" has been updated by Patrick W. Barnes. To see this new addition please go to"and then link to my fedora application request which left my mouth wide open

well here is the resopnse-"
Patrick W. Barnes
This sounds like a neat project, but YouTube requires proprietary technologies (Flash) that are not FOSS and cannot, by policy, be included in Fedora. We also do not include the Sun Java implementation, only the FOSS GCJ stack, which may not be suitable for your project. You should consider submitting this proposal to another organization."

Well this guy Patrick,said what i wanted to listen to in the first line itself"This sounds like a neat project"!!!!!!

Seriously i am happy!!!!!
Atleast now i expect that some other mentoring organization might just like it........I can finally see some ray of hope........

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