Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Proposal For GSOC

Well this is the first post ever in my life.

This being upon my longing for working under the open source environment putting into use the Google Api for youtube.I'll be using Java to develop it so guys nothing to bother about will run on any operating system in the world!!!!

I want to start this under the well known Google Sumer Of Code that is propelling the Developers to go open source.

The Application(software) i propose to build will be named "NYou Tube".This will allow the youtube users to access(all the videos,their quick lists,fav. videos,friends,uploads,etc)from the application itself making it an easier task to blog/share their video creation with the friends,family and the world!!!

I am posting the raw images of what it would look like the images are only a sort of a map of the final application.
this will be the window.The place where i propose to put player will embed a web browser and preferably firefox or the native browser the will embed the swf player from youtube and the page will be refreshed each time another video is selected.As i said this is just a map so nothing is clear of the final thing i have in mind but keep checking out my blog for the things to come .....wait i am not over yet !!!!!!

Here is an itunes style video selection that will roll down as a dilog box and the base(host/parent)
window will be blur disabled and after the thumbnails are loaded,the components will drop down which i will borrow from an application provided by Simon Morris shown here:

The above application has put java to awesome use!!!!I simply love it......

Well continuing with the dilog box(video selection dilog) here is the image of what it would look like:
I will use the best looking look and feels in the software.....will also add a feature to customize skins(later may not be in the first version but will be present in the subsequent versions)
Well,i hope you like my idea!
I simply hope i get selected at the Google Summer Of Code!!!!!But you need not worry selected or not i will develop this software and it will be open source....

Please pray for me that i get selected!!! ;-)

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